An extension of the W3C cube vocabulary to describe financial reports.

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Financial Report Vocabulary (FR)

FR is a simple OWL vocabulary to describe a generic financial report.

The FR vocabulary can be used to capture different perspectives of a report data like historical trends, cross-department and component breakdown.

FR extends the W3C RDF Data Cube Vocabulary and it is inspired by the Financial Report Semantics and Dynamics Theory.

A FinancialReport is a dataset that contains a hierarchy of Components. The leaves of the financial report components tree are the Facts. A Fact is an observation of a money amount described with some properties that is reported in the Financial Report.

Facts and components SHOULD be related to one or more Concept in a SKOS vocabulary taxonomy.

The following namespaces are used:

Prefix Namespace Description
fr this vocabulary
qb W3C RDF Data Cube Vocabulary
skos the W3C SKOS vocabulary
time the W3C ontology of temporal concepts
sdmx-code SKOS Concepts and ConceptSchemes for each COG defined code list
sdmx-dimension component properties corresponding to each COG concept that can be used as a dimension
sdmx-attribute component properties corresponding to each COG concept that can be used as an attribute
sdmx-measure component properties corresponding to each COG concept that can be used as a measure

FR UML diagram

Some fact properties, if not explicitly defined, can be inherited from the financial report attributes, that provide a fall-back default. In some cases, the financial report components hierarchy can be inferred from the concepts taxonomy structure.

The fr:FinancialReport class allows to annotate any Financial report. It is a dataset (qb:DataSet) and can be further specialized as needed.

:2018_budget_report a qb:DataSet fr:FinancialReport ;
	fr:refPeriod <> ;
	sdmx-attribute:unitMeasure <> 

The fr:Fact class is a specialization of the qb:Observation class belonging to a financial report and it is used for annotating an atomic amount of money. The Fact meaning is specified by a SKOS concept that can be related to a formal taxonomy (i.e. SKOS scheme)

:fact_x a qb:Observation, fr:Fact;
    fr:concept :level_2_account ;
    qb:dataSet :2018_budget_report ;
    fr:amount 188149000000.00  .

:level_2_account a skos:Concept ;
    skos:broader :level_1_account; 
    skos:inScheme :budgetTaxonomy  .

:budgetTaxonomy a skos:ConceptScheme;
    skos:hasTopConcept :level_1_account; 
    skos:inScheme :budgetTaxonomy  .

The money currency can be defined as a fact property or inherited from the related Financial report.

The fr:Component class is a financial report observable that aggregates facts or of other components. Like facts, the components SHOULD be related to a SKOS concept and have an amount of money associated, but this amount is supposed to be calculated somehow from referenced facts or component (usually is a sum).

:component_z a fr:Component;
    fr:concept :level_1_account;
    qb:dataSet :2018_budget_report ;
    fr:amount 288149000000.00 ;
    fr:hasPart :fact_x, :fact_y.

Components and facts define the structure of the financial report as a tree

The concept taxonomies describe the meaning of the reported figures.

Using the FR vocabulary

The FR vocabulary can be used as a solid base to build application profiles that analyze budgets, balances and any financial reports.

For example of FR see g0v fr-ap application profile


The namespace for FR terms is

The suggested prefix for the FR vocabulary namespace is fr

FR is expressed in a owl file serialized as RDF xml. You can edit the file by hand or using Protégé


The FR ontology is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.